Wangaratta is a thriving regional city of about 18000 people. It has a regional catchment of about 45000 people.  We have a really good mix of accommodation & eating options, friendly people in the street, no traffic and no pollution.  In late October it’s usually pretty green and lush, especially along the creeks and rivers and is quite peaceful and inspiring early in the morning.

There’s a good range of accommodation options in Wangaratta and the city manages to cater for the Annual Festival of Jazz that attracts many thousands of people.  None of the accommodation is particularly far away from the start / finish line.  About the furthest in Wangaratta “proper” is only 5km away.

There are also many other accommodation options within Wangaratta and nearby towns and cities. The best way to get specific information and assistance with bookings is by contacting the Wangaratta Tourist Information Centre on:

There are no significant events scheduled for the marathon weekend in 2017 that we are aware of. However, we suggest booking early anyway to help ensure you can secure your preferred accommodation choice.