The maps and notes below are designed to assist vehicles that plan to generally follow the course to provide assistance to entrants.

  • Vehicles must at all times obey all traffic laws and should seek to stop ONLY where safe and legal to do so. If motorists are leaving vehicles during hours of darkness a reflective safety vest should be worn.
  • Entrants are supplied with a terrific range of nutritional items and beverages at frequent intervals. This means that crew support is not mandatory or particularly necessary. As organisers we respect the right of entrants family and friends to provide support on course and we ask that those motorists and accompanying person respect the event in return by abiding by all road, traffic and pedestrian laws at all time.
  • To download the notes and maps here, plus additional details of the event, click the PDF icon at right.
  • More specific details and links below.

Apex Park to Everton & return:

  • Crew turn left onto Wangaratta Road and head North towards Wodonga & Sydney
  • Go 5.3km and turn right into a small road just after the Bowser Murray to Mountains station (burgundy tin skillion and toilets shaped like a train). Then turn right into the carpark of that station. This is also the first aid station on the course.
  • Return to the main road and head back toward Apex Park. After 1.8km turn left into Detour Road.
  • Go 500m and veer left into Wangaratta Curran Road (the road to "Eldorado").
  • Go 6.1km to the point where the Rail Trail (entrant course) crosses this main road. Turn right into the unsealed Londrigan - Tarrawingee Road which then runs parallel with the course.
  • Go 8.2km along this road until you reach the Tarrawingee Rail Trail station (also burgundy and shaped like a train). There is an aid station here as well.
  • Continue along about 100m until the intersection with the sealed Eldorado Tarrawingee Road. Turn right and now you will drive away from the course.
  • Go 1.2km and arrive at a "T" intersection. Turn left onto Beechworth Wangaratta Road.
  • Go 4.5km (the course crosses this road at the 3.4km point) and turn right into White Post Road.
  • Go 1.0km and then as the road sweeps left the entrance to the Everton Rail Trail Station is on your left. Go into that carpark and stop.
  • Walk over to the Rail Trail itself, walk left onto it and follow it back toward Wangaratta. You will walk over White Post Road after less than 200m and then the 25km relay change point and turn point / aid station for all other entrants is less than 100m further down the path.
    • NOTE: There is no provision for parking on White Post Road where the Rail Trail crosses, so do not attempt to park in this location whether you feel it is safe or not.
  • Retrace these steps to get back to Apex Park following the course.
    • For direct return to Apex Park, turn left onto the Beechworth Wangaratta Road (from White Post Road) and follow the Beechworth Wangaratta Road all the way to Wangaratta where it becomes a "T" intersection. Turn left and then you will see Apex Park just about 250m ahead on your right.
The map below may assist. For an interactive version of the map, use

Section 3 and 4 (second 50km)

Apex Park to Milawa & return:

NOTE: This is also the course for the solo 50km run event.

  • Crew turn right onto Wangaratta Road and head South over the big bridge and into Wangaratta.
  • Turn right at the first set of Traffic lights and from there go 1.2km at turn right at the roundabout into Green Street (this is the third roundabout you come to).
  • Follow Green Street for 900m (which includes a 90 degrees left sweeping corner and a 45 degrees right sweeping corner) and turn right into Park Lane.
  • Go 800m and turn left into College Street. The course is now on your right, following College Street.
  • Follow the course for 750m until College Street comes to a dead end. At this point entrants go straight ahead on the bitumen path, vehicles need to turn around and head back to Phillipson Street where they turn right.
  • Follow Phillipson Street for 350m until coming to Edwards Street and turn left.
    • Vehicles could turn right here to follow the course, but there is little point with virtually no access to the runners.
  • Immediately turn right and continue along Phillipson Street for 2km until a "T" intersection.
    • The course goes under the Phillipson Street bridge at 400m into this section.
  • Turn left into Sisely Avenue and go 1.1km (including a set of traffic lights) until you reach Greta Road.
    • Just 100m before Greta Road is a gravel access way into Bachelors Green. A good place to rendezvous with runners.
  • Turn right at Greta Road and go 1.9km. Turn right into Joyce Way / Cribbes Road at the roundabout.
    • The bottleshop that you see (Thirsty Camel) attached to the hotel is the Town and Country Tavern where the presentations and dinner will be after the event.
  • Go 1.7km to the end of Cribbes Road and at the "T" intersection turn right into Murdoch Road / Wangaratta Whitfield Road.
    • The course crosses Cribbes Road just before the bridge over the One Mile Creek which is 800m into this section.
  • Follow Wangaratta Whitfield Road for 7.7km and turn left into Snow Road. The course is on your right for all but a small section near the freeway overpass.
    • At 2.4km into this section there is an entrant aid station (just after you cross the freeway).
    • At the Snow Road intersection there is an entrant aid station.
  • Follow the Snow Road for 4.6km until reaching the aid station on your left.
    • At 2.1km into this section entrants cross Snow Road in Oxley right near the general store.
    • There is plenty of opportunity to park vehicles well off the Snow Road near the checkpoint.
  • Retrace these steps to get back to Apex Park following the course.
    • For direct return to Apex Park, follow the Wangaratta Whitfield Road all the way back into the city until you reach a set of traffic lights. Turn right at these lights and go straight ahead, through the city and over the river and Apex Park is on your left.

The map below may assist. For an interactive version of the map, use