The Town and Country Tavern in Mason Street, Wangaratta encourage entrants to dine with them on the Saturday night prior to the event.

The Town and Country Tavern are a sponsor of the event, but having had the pleasure of dining there on numerous occasions we do recommend the facility and hope that you will support their establishment.

The tavern would appreciate your booking, and they can be contacted on telephone (03) 5722 1788, or via the contact form on their website.

Their website is and this also includes a list of their facilities and their bistro menu.

The Town and Country Tavern is located on the corner of Greta Road and Mason Street in the South of Wangaratta.

To get there from Apex Park, head back into and through the city along the main road and turn left at the traffic lights at Kmart / Coles (Greta Road).

Head along this road (Greta Road) for a couple of KM until you arrive.

You can turn right at the roundabout, or go straight ahead. Both options lead to an entrance to the carpark.

Or you can check out the map below:

The menu has been designed to cater for all tastes and all diet types including Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian. The chef at the Tavern is renowned for high quality dishes and with a flair for creativity will provide us with flavours of the 1880's. The menu includes lamb shank soup, mutton stew, cottage pie (Shepherds pie) and damper. And with freshly prepared desserts including trife and bread and butter pudding, diners should be able to immerse themselves in the delights of the era. Perhaps a strong ale to wash it all down?
G - Gluten Free D - Dairy Free V - Vegetarian

Starters ~ Pumpkin Soup G D V
~ Lamb shank soup G D
~ Damper D V
~ Bread rolls D V
~ Butter & margarine G V
Salads ~ Tossed green salad (no dressing) G D V
~ Pasta salad (mayonnaise & bacon)
~ Minimum 2 x dressings G D V
Mains ~ Corned Beef G D
~ Irish Stew G D
~ Cottage pie (Shepherds pie) G D
~ Roast Pork & Roast Chicken G D
~ Vegetarian pasta bake (no cheese) D V
~ Zucchini quiche D V
~ Boiled potatoes (skin on) G D V
~ Mixed steamed seasonal vegetables G D V
~ Roast vegetables G D V
Condiments ~ Gravy (gluten free) G
~ Vegetarian gravy D V
~ Mustard and Horseradish
~ Butter & margarine G V
Desserts ~ Fruit salad G D V
~ Trifle (for adults) V
~ Bread & butter pudding V
~ Apple crumble V D
~ Whipped cream G V
~ Custard G V
Beverages ~ Tea, coffee & sugar G D V
~ Juice G D V
~ Soy, regular full-fat & skim milk V
~ Still (tap) water G D V

A full range of beverages also available at bar prices.