Course related photos are available on each event page.

Photos of the 2017 event (1300+) are available as follows:

  • College St 10km and 97.5km aid station (thanks Heather) – HERE
  • Apex Park generally and 25km Everton Turn – HERE
  • 10km entrants at North Beaches (thanks Jasmine) – HERE
  • Long entrants at Whitfield Rd (thanks Ron & Libby) – HERE
  • Long entrants at Oxley and Whitfield Rd (thanks Kayleen & David) – HERE
  • Approach to Apex Park (thanks Jasmine) – HERE
  • Finishers generally (thanks Anne) – HERE
  • Presentations & dinner – HERE

Photos of the 2016 event (nearly 1000), can be accessed in the OneDrive album.

Photos of the 2015 event (nearly 600), can be accessed in the OneDrive album.

And below are teasers “Are you ready to chase” and the “10km course”.