Volunteer support is critical for pretty much any event these days – the Ned Kelly Chase included. We would be most grateful if you, friends or family would be prepared to support the athletes in this event. We know from experience that friendly and supportive volunteers make a huge difference to the outcome of the event and the enjoyment of the entrants.

In return for volunteering we would like to offer a free ticket to the Presentations and dinner which takes place at 4:00pm on event day.  We’ll also invite you to our home for a home-made pizza and drinks dinner and briefing usually on the Tuesday night of event week. We provide a volunteer event bib to wear and keep as a souvenir too, and there’s likely to be other surprises along the way.

Volunteering is awesome and you can take a great amount of pride from the day and support you are able to give to entrants on the course.  Those entrants are likely to send some love your way too.

If interested then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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