• Customised event bibs with name or nickname:
    • 2 x bibs for front and rear (100km, 50km).
    • 1 x bib for Marathon, HM, 100km and 50km bicycle chase, CYOA.
    • 1 x bib with name printed for 10km event.
  • Specially cast Ned Kelly Helmet styled medal for finishers:
    • Larger medal for solo 100km finishers.
    • Medium medal for all other finishers.
      • All medals customised with event type and year.
  • Post event presentations and buffet dinner ticket:
    • One ticket per team member for Relay entries.
    • Extensive 3-course menu incl. vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.
      • Dinner Ticket is not included in 10km entry fee. 10km entrants, their family and friends are encouraged to purchase dinner tickets.
  • Special event merchandise included, of either:
    • 2-bottle, Ned Kelly Chase hydration belt (see images in tabs at bottom), or
    • Pink or Green buffeanie, stubby holder and keyring (see images in tabs at bottom).
      • No merchandise included in 10km entry fee (but you’re welcome to purchase).
  • AIMS / IAAF certified course.
    • AIMS / IAAF certified 25km & 50km sections.
    • Fast, flat, fully sealed course.
    • Course set in beautiful bushland, farmland, and along the banks of Rivers and Creeks in Wangaratta, NE Victoria.
      • Marathon, HM & 10km measured using AIMS / IAAF process but not certified.
  • Frequent aid stations with sports drink, fruit, water, lollies, biscuits, cakes, sandwiches, bars, coke, chips!
  • Great range of prizes and giveaways in regular events plus:
    • “Top Trooper” draw for 100km bicycle chase.
    • “Deputy Trooper” draw for 50km bicycle chase.
    • “Top Adventurer” draw for 100km CYOA.
    • “Deputy Adventurer” draw for other distance CYOA.
  • A feeling of awesomeness when you finish.
2017 Medals:
 Entry gift packs:


Entry Type: After
(No entries after 18/10/17)
(No entries after 18/10/17, except 10km)
100km solo* $180 $180
50km solo* $155 $155
42.2km (Marathon) solo $145 $145
21.1km (HM) solo $130 $130
Relay of 4 runners (25km each) $500 $500
100km bicycle chase~ $140 $140
50km bicycle chase~ $130 $130
100km/shorter Choose your own adventure# $180/$155 $180/$155
10km Fun Run $35 ($40 on day) $35 ($40 on day)
Crew Pack (so they’re loved) $100. Love your crew (if you’re bringing one) with the all-inclusive pack that includes a Dinner ticket, pink or green buffeanie, pink or green stubby holder, key ring, “crew” bib and medium “crew” medal. Crew packs are reserved for solo 100km & 50km run entrants only.
Postage $10 if you would like to receive your entry bibs, entrant merchandise and anything else at your door (excluding wine). First mailing will occur in the second week of August. No mailing for entries received after 30 September.

NOTE: 10km entrants only need choose postage if they order event merchandise. 10km entry bibs will not be mailed out, but will be available for collection at Apex Park between 4pm and 6pm on Saturday prior, or on the day of the event.

*AURA Discount $10 discount per person if a member of AURA.
You can join today at www.aura.asn.au
*AURA discount only applies to 100km and 50km solo run entries.
Entry fees apply based on when payment is made, not when entry is submitted. Entries received after 30-9-2017 will be held for collection Saturday prior (Apex Park between 4:00pm and 6:00pm) or on the day.

~ 100km / 50km bicycle chase entrants will be issued with “arrest” warrants. Details on respective event pages.

# First price is for each 100km entrant (eg if two people complete 100km together with a bike, then they each pay the first price listed).  Second price is for each person regardless of distance under 100km (eg 50km, 42.2km, 21.1km all same price).

^ Super Early entries are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable.  We understand circumstances can change and that injury and illness or unavoidable circumstances arise.  If concerned that these issues may affect you, please wait until after 10:00pm on 9-4-2017 to enter.

ENTRIES CLOSE midnight, Wednesday 18-10-2017.  Only 10km entries accepted after that, and only prior to the event on the day.  Cash payment only on the day.


1880's Dinner

  • $25 adults
  • $15 children (under 12, over 5)
  • $free children under 5.
  • Check the dinner link for all the details and a menu that includes mutton stew and cottage pie, bread & butter pudding and trifle! The dinner starts with soup, bread and damper available from 4pm on the day.
  • Presentations commence at 4:30pm and main fare is available from 5:00pm.
  • Dessert will be available shortly after the conclusion of the presentations.
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegetarian all catered for with clearly marked dishes.

Commemorative Wines

  • $12 single
  • $22 mixed pair
  • $60 mixed six
  • $110 mixed dozen
  • Wines are Cabernet Shiraz (red) and Sauvignon Blanc (white).
  • Good quality, easy drinking styles.
  • Only available for collection on event weekend or locally by arrangement (i.e. not to be mailed out).

Tech Shirts

  • $35, avalable in ladies and mens four panel style.  Pink type only available in ladies cut, sizes 8, 10 and 12.
  • High quality, nice fitting, 100% polyester tech fabric (birds eye) garment. 3 x pockets on rear and a good double as casual cycling top. See below for design & sizing.
  • Shirts available for mail out, collection on event weekend or collection locally by arrangement.
  • Shirts limited, sized exhausted will be progressively removed from entry forms.
  • Size chart below photos.

Size chart:

Tech Shirt sizing guide (cm):

A (longest) 52 66 68 70 72 73 74
B (chest) 36 44 48 52 56 59 62
C (waist) 36 44 48 52 56 59 62
LADIES: 8 10 12 14 16
A (longest) 62 64 66 68 69
B (chest) 42 44 47 50 52
C (hips) 42 44 47 50 52
D (waist) 38 42 45 48 51

Fuel Belts

  • $30,  2 x 165ml bottles and a small pouch for mobile phone, gels, maps etc. Comfortable neoprene fit.
  • Available for mail out, collection on event weekend or local collection by arrangement.


  • $18, and can be worn fleece side when it's cool and fabric side when it's warm. Either way, the clever design ensures you're wearing it the right way up.
  • Great for cyclists under the helmet.
  • Available for mail out, collection on event weekend or local collection by arrangement.

Stubby Holders

  • $6, available in green and pink for all your favorite beverages.
  • Also good for bragging rights.
  • Available for mail out, collection on event weekend or local collection by arrangement.


  • $6, and a great daily memento to remind you of the chase.
  • Also an ideal souvenir for friends and family, and gets them asking what "you did on the weekend".
  • Available for mail out, collection on event weekend or local collection by arrangement.