The Ned Kelly Chase is, at its heart, a 100km ultra-marathon running event. To increase the crowd in the park and general atmosphere and support on course however, and to give a small taste of what it might be like to complete a 100km solo run, we have a range of other entry options. Here they are:

    • 10km Fun Run (the last 2km is the same finish as the ultra-distance events).
    • Individual 100km bicycle & 50km bicycle chase (same course as solo runners, but on bicycle).
    • Individual 50km & 100km Choose Your Own Adventure (Ellipigo, Bionics, Rollerblade, run 50 & cycle 50, something else?)
    • Other options:
      • If you would like to complete the course in some other manner that doesn’t fit the above categories or the “choose your own adventure” (eg one person to run 50km, 2nd person to cycle 50km) then please send us a contact or phone on 0417 229 222 to discuss. Reasonable requests are likely to be allowed.

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