A picturesque, flat course consisting entirely of bitumen sealed cycling path with just a few sections of concrete footpath (not more than 2km in total). The course starts and finishes at Apex Park Wangaratta and consists of a 50km out and back loop on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, and then a 50km out and back loop on the Ovens River, One Mile Creek and Milawa / Oxley Rail Trail.

The event is an IAAF / AIMS certified accurate 100km, and includes accurate 25km, 50km and 75km splits. This event is also Internationally labeled and Australian Ultra Runners Association sanctioned.

How it works: As a 100km bicycle chase entrant you are the “trooper” giving chase. You start much later than the runners but follow the same 100km course and thus slowly gain on them. Before departure, you will be provided with a random arrest warrant. A part of your challenge is to find the named runner and make an arrest before that runner makes it to the finish. But fear not, because if the runner exceeds their expectations and you don’t make the catch, then we will still put you into the draw for top trooper if you finish prior to 11:30am. This is to prevent troopers from cycling too fast which is not in the spirit of the “chase”!

NOTE: Runners are NOT required to stop when they are caught. Please be courteous to the runner and as non-disruptive as possible. If you are inclined, and the runner would appreciate it, then you may accompany them to the finish and lend encouragement and support.

Start time: Between 6:00am and 7:00am (choose start time in entry form, aim to finish after, but near 11:00am if you want to catch your fugitives).
Presentations: Commence at 4:30pm at the presentation and dinner (dinner commences at 4:00pm).
On day entry: No. The latest entries will be accepted is Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Refer entry page for details.
Aid Stations:
  • 0.0km – Start at Apex Park Wangaratta
  • 6.3km – Bowser Station (M2M Rail trail), self serve with roving attendant
  • 13.3km – Petticoat Lane crossing, self serve with roving attendant
  • 20.0km – Tarrawingee Station (M2M Rail Trail), self serve with roving attendant
  • 25.0km – Wangaratta side of White Post Road Rail Trail crossing, opens at 12:30am
    • CHECKPOINT 1 & relay change-over
    • Vehicles required to park at Everton Station (M2M Rail Trail)
  • 30.0km – Tarrawingee Station (M2M Rail Trail), closes at 8:30am
  • 36.7km – Petticoat Lane crossing, closes 9:00am
  • 43.7km – Bowser Station (M2M Rail trail), closes 9:30am
  • 50.0km – Apex Park Wangaratta
    • CHECKPOINT 2 & relay change-over
    • Cut-off time in any running event is 8:00am
  • 55.0km – Appin Street carpark adjacent to One Mile Creek path, opens at 4:30am
  • 60.0km – Rattray Avenue near bridge over creek, opens at 5:00am
  • 65.0km – Wangaratta Whitfield Road at cycle path crossing point, opens at 5:30am
  • 70.0km – Wangaratta Whitfield Road at cycle path crossing point, opens at 6:15am
  • 75.0km – Cycle path on Snow Road between Woodburys Lane and Milawa, opens at 7:00am
    • CHECKPOINT 3 & relay change-over
    • If entrants arrive before 7:00am they will have to wait, or will not be classified
    • Cut-off time in any running event is 10:30am
  • 80.0km – Wangaratta Whitfield Road at cycle path crossing point
  • 85.0km – Wangaratta Whitfield Road at cycle path crossing point
  • 90.0km – Rattray Avenue near bridge over creek
  • 95.0km – Appin Street carpark adjacent to One Mile Creek path
  • 97.5km – College St near Scout Hall, also serves 10km entrants twice
  • 100.0km – Finish at Apex Park Wangaratta.
Slow points
  • Entrants will be disqualified if they reach any of the check points noted below before the time indicated. This is a “challenge”, not a “race” and the safety of runners and other path users is paramount:
    • 25.0km – 7:00am – Checkpoint 1, Everton
    • 50.0km – 8:15am – Apex Park, Wangaratta
    • 75.0km – 9:30am – Checkpoint 3, Milawa
    • 100.0km – 10:45am – Apex Park, Wangaratta
  • All 100km and 50km Cyclist Troopers will be given an arrest warrant for one of the 100km or 50km Solo Runners.
  • When the Trooper catches their nominated runner they are to arrest them by handing over a green rubber wristband.
  • Troopers must be courteous and not disruptive to the runner when they catch them. Runners are NOT required to stop. Runners continue to the finish of their event, dropping their wristband into a box at the finish line.
  • The Trooper may accompany the runner to the finish if desired AND if the runner would appreciate the support.
Top Trooper Award:
  • Each bicycle chase entrant will be issued with at least one arrest warrant for a runner in the 100km or 50km ultra events. Troopers that catch and arrest their runners will be entered into the draw for “Top Trooper” (100km chasers) or “Deputy Trooper”(50km chasers).
  • Runners may only be “caught” from behind (because the course is 2 x out and backs you will likely pass your runner head on at least twice before actually catching them from behind!).
  • “Troopers” must be at the presentation and dinner in order to be awarded the “Top Trooper” or “Deputy Trooper” prize.

  • Entrants start at Apex Park, Wangaratta on the South side of the second column from the South Eastern corner of the market pavilion.
  • Entrants run along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail as defined until a single point turn-around point on the West side of White Post Road, Everton.
  • Entrants then retrace the course exactly to the start line which is 50km.
  • Entrants then continue along the Ovens River cycle path to College Street.
  • Entrants cross College Street and Park Lane remaining on the cycling path and continue along the North side of College Street.
  • Entrants cross Phillipson St when the bitumen path ends and continue along the College Street footpath on the North side of the road until the end of College Street where they merge back into a bitumen cycle path.
  • Entrants follow the path West until they cross over the footbridge attached to the road bridge near the golf course and immediately turn 180 degrees and head back under the bridge they just crossed.
  • Entrants now follow the One Mile Creek bicycle path as defined all the way to its termination point at Cribbes Road.
  • Entrants (runners and walkers) cross Cribbes Road and turn left onto the footpath on the South of Cribbes road.  They follow this until it meets a bitumen cycle path near the intersection of Cribbes Road and Murdoch Road.
    • Cyclists turn left onto Cribbes Rd itself and continue to the traffic island near the end of Cribbes Rd where they then turn right and onto the bitumen sealed path.
  • Entrants turn right onto this cycle path and follow it as defined all the way out to and through Oxley until they come to a single point turn around cone just past Woodbury's Lane which is exactly 75km.
  • Entrants return to the start / finish line by exactly the same course (ie out and back).

Interactive Course Map: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/320646809/

Section 1 is Apex Park to Everton:

Interactive Course Map: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/364907255/
Section 2 is Everton to Apex Park:

Interactive Course Map: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/364907389/
Section 3 is Apex Park to Milawa:

Interactive Course Map: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/317758083/
Section 4 is Milawa to Apex Park:

Interactive Course Map: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/364906153/
The entire 100km course has less than 300m of elevation gain and loss. It's flat and fast.

Event teaser below. Are you chasing? Are you being chased?

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