The 10km course is picturesque and flat, consisting approximately 70% of bitumen sealed cycling paths and 30% urban, off-road trail. The course starts and finishes at Apex Park Wangaratta and consists of two different out and back loops. Kind of like the 100km event, but in miniature!

The full 100km Ned Kelly course is an IAAF / AIMS certified accurate 100km, and includes accurate 25km, 50km and 75km splits. This event is also Internationally labeled and Australian Ultra Runners Association sanctioned.

The 10km course has been measured using the IAAF / AIMS process, but is not certified.

Start time:
  • 9:00am (mass start)
  • Commence at 10:30am in Apex Park.
  • Entrants encouraged to enjoy park facilities and then celebrate the finish of longer event competitors from 11:00am.
  • Entrants and their guests are also encouraged to purchase a dinner ticket for the longer event presentations and  dinner.  The dinner is a delicious buffet and starts at 4:00pm with presentations starting at 4:30pm.
On day entry:
  • Yes, but the entry fee will be $40 and cash payment only will be accepted.
  • Late entries at regular prices can be made between 4:00pm and 6:00pm on Saturday. Refer entry page for details.
Aid Stations:
  • 4.5km – Near Scout Hall, College Street.
  • 7.5km – Near Scout Hall, College Street.
  • Nil
  • Entrants in all other events use the last 2.5km of the 10km course.  Please be aware of entrants in other events when completing the 10km.
  • The 10km course does not cross or use any local roads.  It is made up entirely of sealed fitness paths and unsealed tracks.

  • Entrants start at Apex Park, Wangaratta on the South side of the second column from the South Eastern corner of the market pavilion.
  • Entrants do a loop of Apex Park and then head under the Parfitt road Bridge and along the Rail Trail to the North until a turn point just before the Ovens Highway.
  • Entrants then return to Apex Park, continue along the Ovens River path towards the Boat Ramp and Wangaratta Showgrounds.
  • Entrants continue along the sealed path between the Showgrounds and Ovens River and turn left onto an unsealed track when they reach the water pump station and rifle range.
  • Entrants followed the unsealed track until arriving at the aid station at the Tom Osmotherly Scout Hall. At this point entrants turn right and follow the sealed bitumen path.
  • Entrants continue on the sealed path for 250m then turn left onto an unsealed track that runs through the Northern Beaches area and the Ovens River until reaching the turn point just past the carpark in that area.
  • Entrants turn around and return to Apex Park by the same route, but when arriving in Apex Park are deviated left and off to the finish line rather than running back along the path that takes them to the Rail Trail.
The entire 10km course has less than 30m of elevation gain and loss. It's flat and fast.

An elevation profile graph would look like a mill pond on a calm day. 😉
10km course overview (2017 is same as was planned for 2016):

Event teaser below. Are you chasing? Are you being chased?