How do you train for a 100km event? In most cases, people will have completed one or more marathons and probably a shorter ultramarathon or two.

In previous years we did some long run training sessions which covered the entire course in approximately 25km sections (also similar to the 4 x 25km relay sections). We might do a few selective runs in September and early October this year too. If we do, then we will ensure that the sessions cater for all abilities from about 4:40pace to 7:30pace.

If we do provide some training runs, they’ll be shown in the table below and we’ll let people know via Facebook and the monthly WFFA newsletter.

Date Day Start from Start time Distance Notes

For event more guidance on training for a 100km event, consider reading the attached article by Don Wallace. Don ran 100km in 6:39 in New Zealand in 1992 so knows a thing or two about the distance. This article was picked up on the web and unfortunately we can’t cite an accurate reference.